[ PLATeau Biography: Music for Grass Bars ]


    Title: Music For Grassbars
    Artist: platEAU
    Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia
    Members: 3
    Names: Charles Spliff | Toko Emoko | Bud Cuttings
    File Under: Minimalist Electronic

    North Vancouver, British Columbia is home to many lush green areas. It is believed in scientific circles that the marshy creeks of North Van emit a strange enzyme into the atmosphere not unlike a flight of luminescent insects. This substance green in colour and sparkling all over with white diamond like crystals is said to produce feelings of euphoria and will induce trance like meditation in those who are fortunate enough to be exposed to it. . . Members of recently formed electronic music group PLATeau may have inhaled large doses during their formative years. . . Subconscious Communications' latest offering PLATeau harnesses the enzyme and bottles it for repeated consumption thus enhancing their recording sessions and creating music that inspires similar feelings in the listener as produced by the mysterious substance. . .

    Inspired by their recent travels to the soils of Holland, this recording documents their travels from space bar to space bar. After consulting with many experts to compare notes, it seems the space determines the environment. The peak environment takes us to the PLAT
    eau. A place of peaked balance. These envirospaces are being denied to most people on the planet by modern Government hegemony. Arrests are still being made for the politicized crime of feeling good. PLATeau takes us to a place with a hope for the future grassbars of North America.

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